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Healthcare facilities today, more than ever, have to be focused on significant cost- savings initiatives. For decades, medical device manufacturers have reaped the rewards of high margins on high volume non–critical, non-physician preference supplies. Without change, hospitals, surgery centers, health systems and group purchasing organizations will not survive. Through affiliates and strategic partnerships, CentralSterileSupply.com has solutions for the age-old problems; how do you cut costs, without sacrificing the level of care you provide?

Last year alone, CentralSterileSupply.com saved one large hospital system more than $850,000 with one of its “Gold Standard” Products. By solely focusing in on the non-critical, non-physician preference supplies that hospitals spend millions of dollars on each year in the sterile processing departments, CentralSterileSupply.com provides products that are as good or better, for less money.

CentralSterileSupply.com also focuses on rewarding the customers through various channels

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Agent Referral
  • Order Volume
  • Gold Standard

Product Purchases. You can buy our products from a number of vendors in the marketplace today, but how many of our products can you buy from your favorite rep / agent? Also, by combining your usual product purchase through CentralSterileSupply.com with some of our Gold Standard Products that you can only purchase from us, you can save even more. And, you can try us out without making any commitments at all.

Here is how it works…

  • Step 1: Register as a member of agent to receive your unique identifier code
  • Step 2: Agents start referring customers through the use of their unique identifying code. Members start browsing our supplies to add to your quote basket
  • Step 3: Submit your quote basket, but be sure to add our Gold Standard Products for the highest rewards.
  • Step 4: Within 24 hours, you will receive a customized quote. We are confident you will experience significant savings over your current supplier.
  • Step 5: Receive and approve the quotation, and submit a PO for processing. Within 48 hours your Central Sterile Supplies will ship.


CentralSterileSupply.com has created an Agent Program to spread the word. We are looking for independent 1099 reps that already work in hospitals and surgery centers, and sell products in the OR and/or Sterile Processing Department. Agents with 3 or 4 key accounts to introduce our website and Gold Standard Products to, are ideal candidates. Registration is FREE and only takes a few minutes. Once registered and approved, agents have a unique identifying code to share with their best customers. The customers will see the rewards, and the agents receive a commission percentage for every quote approved with a PO submission. What do you have to lose?

Hospitals / Surgery Centers

For providers, CentralSterileSupply.com is a dream. There is no commitment and no risk in giving us an opportunity to save your facility money. You have either learned about us from your favorite agent, or you found us on the web. Either way, we are here to save. Register as a member facility, receive your unique identifying code, and begin browsing our product categories and Gold Standard Supplies. Once you submit your quote basket with your unique information with Agent or Customer Referral, the quote process begins. Within 48 hours you will have a quote to review that comes with no risk, no obligation to buy, and no fluff. Your agent or customer receives credit for the referral, and you all share in the opportunity. What do you have to lose?

Gold Standard Products

  • Absorbent White Yeti Mats – 20”x30” Case of 40
  • Fluid Waste System Manifolds
    1. Generation1
    2. Generation 2
    3. Generation 3
    4. Dornoch
  • Floor Suction & Clean Up Kits
  • Quiet Big FOOT
  • Quiet Big FOOT Clean Up Kit
  • Corner Protectors
  • 28” Gloves
  • Sterilization Tray Liners